Tips For Successful Marriage

tips for successful marriage

After years of what people call fictional successful marriage life, I’ve concluded an awesome married life, a truly successful one. Here’s my secret formula:

  • Not too much dependency, not too much freedom. The right combination is inter-dependency.
  • Marriage isn’t a battlefield to prove supremacy over each other
  • Compassion is the key. If you don’t have in you, you can’t give it
  • Replace marriage with the concept of soul-mate
  • Learn something from marriage. Marriage signifies the whole world in a tiny form. It teaches you many things.
  • The ordinary marriage is an unconscious bondage
  • Marriage is beyond bondage. It gives freedom. Love is freedom. Freedom isn’t dependency
  • Marriage isn’t an effort to legalize love. It goes far beyond and higher
  • Man, and woman isn’t opposite, they’re complementary. The complete each other
  • SSS — Simplicity, Service, Stillness

I hope these tips will be useful for you. If you’ve some tips to offer, please feel free to comment.

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