The World Is Full of Goodness

Optimistic approach, right? Yes, but it’s my truth and I’ve seen the goodness in the world. I see it every moment. It’s so incredibly easy to put our attention on the negative. It’s effortless.

Society, in general, is filled with distrust, a pessimistic approach towards life, and the distorted mass-media adds more fear and hatred. But, luckily, the truth isn’t that either.

I met an old monk who taught me a great lesson. He gave me a stick and told me to break the side that I didn’t like or trust — left or right. I broke one side but I saw that again there were two sides. I broker one side again but the two sides still existed. What could this mean? It made me crazy and confused.

The answer was simple — no matter what you do, two sides, contrast, will always exist. He explained to me the theory of THIS IS LIKE THAT BECAUSE THAT IS LIKE THAT.

Because there’s light, there’s darkness, because there’s hatred, there’s love because there’s foolishness, there’s wisdom and so on. So, the ultimate answer is that because there’s evil, there’s goodness.

Science also supports this idea. Newton, a great scientist, gave us the Law of Motion and the third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We give out good energy and love to the universe, the universe gives us back the same — in multiples. And, tales of everyday altruism is all over social media nowadays. People are doing random acts of kindness and spreading so much good outgrows the evil.

Sow goodness and you’ll reap goodness.

There’re and have been so many messengers of goodness, prophets, social workers, peace-makers, life coaches, etc. in the world since time immemorial. Such people have left their energy in the eco-system that attracts more good and hence, people do so much good, every moment.

It takes an effort to turn your attention to what’s good, kind and pleasant, especially when it’s NOT being streamed into your consciousness through distorted mass-media outlets in existence. Seek for good and you’ll find it everywhere — in social media, in your office, in your family, etc.

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