The Multi-Talented Teacher

I’d many-many teachers in my life but Natasha DS is one who I can’t forget; actually, forget is not the right expression as I haven’t forgotten any of them but I remember her every day. Why? You’ll explore in a minute.

She was, after academic life, my first English teacher. She was appointed to teach us the English language, in the animation studio I used to work in. In those days, our team had employees from all walks of life, and being an American studio, we’d to converse with the clients in English. Some of us were scared, some of us were timid, some didn’t talk at all and her task was to bring the best of us — make us learn the right usage of spoken English make us confident.

But, as usual, my story was a little different. I had been to a convent school and the best college in the city. So, the English language was always there in academics but my intention, in the beginning, was different. She was gorgeous in external appearance and I was just out of college — in the early days when nothing else matters other than fun.

I started attending all her lectures but I was just attending, doing nothing. As a vegetable, I just used to sit and stare her like a zombie. Maybe, she realized it or maybe she didn’t but soon I realized that her content has more to offer than I already knew. I realized that she isn’t only gorgeous on the outside but also beautiful, and full of light, from inside. She was radiant — a lighthouse of knowledge, expression, and compassion. After I understood this, my presence in the class had a different meaning for us both — I learned some interesting things about English that I never knew.

We used to share conversations with the class and that is the time I realized that she has multiple talents other than teaching—compassion was at the core.

She’s an artist, poet, storyteller, playwright, actor, thinker, philanthropist, communicator, lover, and now, a mother too.

I’ve received a lot of knowledge from this teacher — knowingly and unknowingly. Technology has made it easier for students to learn with devices new, but nothing can come close to the experience of being taught by an inspirational and compassionate teacher like her. I remember her every day as I write my blog posts and always keep her teachings in mind while writing, and share some of my posts with her for expert feedback.

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