The Jilted Generation Needs Our Support

jilted generation

Recently, I was at FTII where I was invited to share my knowledge of computer graphics. I’d a batch of 10 students. I usually, visit the institute 2-3 times a year and we’ve got a different batch every time.

This time the batch was quite challenging.

There was an ex-serviceman from the Indian Navy and there was a young boy who has become a drug addict. The seaman was a little challenging as he’d never been into any visual communication but the other one was quite difficult to deal with.

The first thing I noticed that he was jilted by the institute and his parents. No one cared to communicate with him but he was a good film student. I decided to communicate with him compassionately but he didn’t turn up regularly. On the last day, I got an opportunity to interact with him.

It was a common backstory that he got into drugs in his last hostel. But as happiness and mental health coach as I know that there’re genetic and environmental triggers that push someone into drugs, and other crimes.

I spent quality time with him seeing his notebooks. I know these creative people have pieces of their life in their books; somewhere.

I do the same.

In the book, I noticed a screenplay he wrote for a short film and he put white ink on all the sections that had the female name or dialogue. I inquired deep and he admitted to having a broken love affair. This time was coinciding with the time he put his foot into the world of drugs.

I ain’t sure if that was the trigger but it’s one of the triggers and quite a strong one. But to my horror, everyone has missed this point.

He’s on therapy and I can’t help him much in that but I found him to be extremely talented in creative art and craft that got ignored by his parents and institute. I’ve written a small letter to his parents — about his extraordinary talent and bright future in the film industry — and offered whatever support from my side.

Let’s see what’s in the future but I’m moved by how we miss to investigate the root of problem/disease and miss to see the bright side of a situation/human. A little compassionate communication, kindness, empathy, and altruism can help these young lost ones.

Although the ones who get addicted are equally responsible, if we can heal, we can hold their hands, it’s worth giving a shot. There was a time when I was also into drugs but I made it back to the real world. These students are just like seeds, if you cultivate them, they can grow up to become a lush-green tree.

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  1. Drug addiction is a big problem of this generation. It suffers from a paralysis of analysis in absence of a good mentor. Indeed its an untouched or an issue less talked about.

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