सालों ! जागो !

सालों ! जागो ! सालों से सो ही रहे हो | बातों में खो ही रहे हो | सालों ! जागो ! आग जो लायी थी हमने, नफ़रत की, वह अब हमें ही जला देगी | वह अब हमें ही दागा देगी | सालों ! जागो ! धंधा बना रखा है, यार, बस सिर्फ़ एक … Continue reading सालों ! जागो !

I’m Learning My Genesis Through My Grandfather’s Book

It’s 2018, and some days ago I found my grandfather’s book when I was cleaning my closet. The book was always with me after my parents died but I didn’t pay much attention to what was written in it, until yesterday. The content had some technical notes but in the end, there were pages written … Continue reading I’m Learning My Genesis Through My Grandfather’s Book

The Lahore Connection

My father was born in Chiniot and spent his early childhood in Lahore. After the partition, he came to Delhi, and eventually to Mumbai, where I was born. All my life I heard his childhood stories from Lahore. He would tell me about his palatial home, the games he played, the vendors that came during the … Continue reading The Lahore Connection