The Magic of Surprise in Your Life

It turns out that surprise works wonders in our brains, helping us to focus our attention and inspiring us to look at our situation in new ways.

Here’re four stages of surprise response:

  1. Freeze: When we’re stopped in our tracks because of the unexpected.
  2. Find: When we get hooked into trying to understand what’s going on or how this happened.
  3. Shift: When we begin to shift our perspectives, based on conflicting findings.
  4. Share: When we feel the pull to share our surprises with others.

We all need to stop protecting ourselves from the uncertainty or fear of surprise and get out there to create more of it.

Not only will surprise bring more vitality to our lives, better our mental and physical health, but it’ll also lead to improvements in society. By creating surprise, you can make our world more prosperous.

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