Success: The Definition Is Inside You


Success can mean different things. It can also mean the implementation of an objective or attainment of a goal. It can be expanded to include a complete project or be restricted to a single component of a project or task. It can be achieved in office workplace, or in personal life.

What success means?

No one can tell us what it means to live a good life. It’s easy to accept that success means gaining a precise object, such as a job or social position, and to believe that if we get that thing, we’ll be successful.

Different types of success

  • Commercial: It refers to how successful you’re in your job or business. This includes how much money you earn, your position or title in the company, your professional reputation, etc.
  • Emotional: It relates to the way that you feel and the way that things in your life make you feel. This includes your mental health, your relationships, self-esteem, and outlook on life.
  • Intellectual: It’s measured by how much you’ve challenged and are learning. This includes academic success but also covers your ability to learn new things quickly in the workplace, your ability to understand the world around you, and your need for the challenge to grow intellectually.
  • Spiritual: It involves how content you feel about your spirituality — not religion. This might include having an understanding your greater purpose.
  • Physical: It reflects how your body feels and how you feel about your body. This involves your physical health and fitness.
  • Evangelical: It’s a measure of how much influence you have over other people. It’s about your informal leadership qualities, your ability to inspire other people, and their willingness to follow your lead. It may also include how well people remember you.
  • Environmental: It measures your interaction with the environment around you — how it helps you and how you help it. This can include the way that your home and general surroundings make you feel and how environmentally friendly your lifestyle is. Do you compost your garbage, cycle to work sometimes, or volunteer for a charity?
  • Time: It’s all about your time on earth and how are you managing your time helping yourself and fellow species.
  • Physical: It’s all about how well you manage your time and how you prioritize what you spend your time on.
  • Collective: It’s all about how you get along with other people. This includes how well you work or play in a team and how productive you are when in a team. Do people know, like and trust you?

My perspective on success

I have been in pursuit of success and ultimate happiness for years. Worked hard, took the roller-coaster, traveled — in and out — and even took a 4-year-sabbatical to explore myself and life.

Been there done that; almost.

To me, the capacity to say I QUIT or NO is the measure of success. If you’re so free that you can drop anything that interferes with your joy and peace, you’re successful. For me, the definition of success is to be free from what OTHERS think, the agenda set by them.

The art of saying no

The difference between successful people and successful people is that successful people know the art of saying NO. Learning to say NO has challenged me to overcome my fear of rejection and helped me to feel in control. Here’re some tips:

  • Say it
  • Be assertive and courteous
  • Understand peoples’ tactics
  • Set boundaries
  • Be firm
  • Be selfish, not self-centered


The real success lies in making yourself a better human being. What’s success for when you don’t show humanity towards the poor? What’s success for if you don’t have any respect for other people, no love for others? It’s all simple. Success doesn’t only lie in achieving your goals.

When you’ve got a loving family, caring friends, people have respect for you, they admire you for what you’re, that’s what real success is in my opinion. 

Success for me is to do WHATEVER I WANT and WHENEVER I WANT. BTW, if you’re alive and reading this, you’re successful. What’s more successful than being alive?

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