Remembering School Days — 22 Years Later

A good school is the best gift that parents can give to their children.

My parents also gave me this gift and I was admitted to Holy Cross High School in the early 1980s. I don’t remember the exact year but I remember all the fun. I attended KG to grade 10th in this school and it laid down the foundation of my life — to a great extent.

I was a nondescript student almost all the school life until I reached grade 8th where I attempted all the mischief I could. The last three years were full of mischief and become a pest to teachers and co-students. Once, I even was instrumental in bursting firecrackers in the ladies’ toilet.

Recently, thanks to technology, I had a deep urge to connect with all co-students and I created a small WhatsApp group with 3-4 common friends. We had been connected before but not much but this gave a boost to our relation and ignited our hunger to reconnect with more friends of the same batch.

Just then magic happened, an old school acquaintance was visiting India and I’d an opportunity to meet her along with an old friend. She was the person whom I’d irritated a lot. This was the time to reconcile and ask for forgiveness. We met and a new relation was born — friendship, that was never there but these 22 years had done the magic. What happened next took my breath away!

I added another common friend and he was another magician. He knew so many of the old friends and added many-many batch-mates. And then, they added more and a group is now a huge group connecting after two decades. The excitement is high and people are exchanging thousands of messages per day.

I’m so glad that my humble effort metamorphosed into a huge family love of old memories and compassion. No one has forgotten the school days and the messages take me into a trance.

Long lost friends are now a click away — many are in foreign countries but technology plus love has conquered distance, won hearts, and healed all wounds.

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