RaddiConnect: Mumbai’s First Recycling Based Fundraising Platform

RaddiConnect wants to make it simple. They provide a door-to-door service that allows institutions, organizations, and households to dispose of their recyclables through a friendly, reliable, and fair process. They want to empower their customers to play a part in helping the environment, all while saving time and effort along the way.

The team works with local scrap collectors from all over Mumbai. These unsung heroes of the waste collection industry are integral to the chain of sustainability. By facilitating a connection between these waste collection entrepreneurs and our affiliated NGOs, we provide a means for creating tangible social and environmental change.

Our vision of India isn’t just one of clean streets and breathable air, but also of sustainable waste solutions on par with the rest of the developed world. 

Raunaq Singh Sahni, Co-founder

Now more than ever, there is a need for practical recycling solutions that can reduce the environmental strain brought about by our increasingly saturated landfills and waste systems. RaddiConnect aims to organize the scattered scrap market and provide the right training and guidance to their representative to foster an awareness of recycling that allows the people of Mumbai to benefit from a cleaner and greener environment. Their customers can donate the proceeds from their recyclables to any one of their affiliated NGOs, and in doing so contribute to the brighter and more sustainable future that we are all striving towards.

Their mission is to bring about a two-fold platform that simultaneously works to uplift scrap collectors and provide individuals and corporations with a simple and reliable outlet for either selling or donating their recyclable waste.

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