Believe Me, Problems Are Opportunities

problems are opportunities

Yesterday, while cooking dinner, I suddenly realized that I’m somewhat ambidextrous i.e. I can work with two hands on two tasks simultaneously.

It’s not something unusual as such but that reminded me of a good lesson I have learned — problems are opportunities.

In 2007, I broke my right-hand elbow and my hand was in plaster for around 6 months. I was terrified as it was my right hand and I thought life is over. But life had something else for me in the plan.

While doing nothing in bed, I started creating stories and used my left hand to type them.

I was getting quite bored at home and I decide to get back to work. I started using my left hand to my work that involved a lot of computer graphics job.

It was difficult but could be done with a will and trust in self. And the magic of the universe. Soon, I realized that I could do the same (or sometimes more) job with my left hand.

This is how I came ambidextrous.

A good lesson to learn from this is that it’s upon us how we train our minds and turn problems into opportunities.

Today, I can work with both hands simultaneously and I’ve my blog that’s read by people from 145 countries.

That accident was a great teacher and friend.

Nothing, as such, is impossible if you’re determined. If your mind can dream it, it can achieve it.

It’s all in the mind. It’s all about you see life.

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