My Life Is My Message

You can abuse me, curse me, criticize me, stain me, please go ahead. I’ll keep offering my services for the betterment of humanity. Whatever you strike me with, I’ll respond with love and compassion.

BTW, you’ve got no idea about my journey, my struggles, and the purpose of my life.

I’m neither an expert nor the best human, but I’m trying my best to be one, and serve, help, inspire millions in my own little ways.

I’m neither perfect nor close to being it but I’m always willing to learn with an open mind. I’m ready to accept — and learn from — my mistakes, failures, and bounce back with grace. I’ve miles to go before I sleep. I’m work-in-progress, but I’m on my way.

I’m blessed with a lot of blessings and gifts from fellow species, and from the entire universe. I’ll, I can.

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