Meeting a Living Legend — A Dream Come True

chitra singh living legend

I’m an ardent fan of ghazal since my childhood. I’ve heard many but one song that takes my breath away is Chitra Singh. This legendary singer has been in my joy, pain, love, hate, stress, relaxation — in every moment, every emotion. She used to sing with her husband Jagjit Singh and they were a heart-throb of all music lovers for more than two decades until she lost her son in an accident and stopped singing; forever.

I’m a hardcore fan of this great singer and started to search her; for a meeting in 2000. It was very difficult as she was a celebrity and I was common man, and there was no internet. But my passion was so intense that the universe had a plan for the meeting.

In 2013, I established a community for selfless service and kept its name on the name of her last album with her husband. We continued our service for the community and I used to ask for any contact with whoever I met.

One fine day, I got an SMS and someone sent her mobile phone number. He was an anonymous angel. With much guts, I called her and told her about the community service we’re doing under the name of that album. She listened to me carefully and invited me to her home to share the work in detail.

Finally, after a search of 15 years, I got to meet the woman who I admired since childhood, and not only that, she gave an autograph and blessings for life.

I don’t know who was that anonymous angel but I strongly believe that if you seek is seeking you. When your desire is strong enough, the entire universe comes together to work out a plan for you.

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