Man With a Golden Heart

I have met many friends, co-workers, bosses, leaders, magicians in life but this man is different than all, all of them. I met him many years ago at my workplace. He joined as a Production Head of the animation studio I used to work in. The story of genuine friendship and learning began the day I met him.

Anish Mulani — a popular name in Bollywood and Hollywood — didn’t become popular so easily, it took 15+ years of intense smart-work and grilling. I knew his name before and heard many false stories when the joined the company.

The stories were false as the people who told them because no one knew him personally—it was all speculations and wild imaginations. But, the universe had something different in mind and we connected well from the start. Maybe, we had no expectations and assumptions about each other or something else but a selfless relationship was born.

He has guided many artists like me for more than 10 years. People in high positions have beautiful leanings to offer but rarely people take that opportunity. Sometimes out of fear or sometimes put of false ego, people often miss these beautiful gifts that I was lucky to get it. He was never a boss but rather always a friend, philosopher, and guide; and still is.

His greatest strength, I think, is equanimity that is missing in most of us. This virtue makes a great leader. I owe him a lot of success and happiness in life as he’s the person who supported my work, requirements, ideas, madness, and sabbaticals during my career in that animation studio.

In a nutshell, he’s one of those rare humans — युगपुरुष — who comes once in a way and who has a rich heart full of love, faith, and good values.

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