Love Food, Hate Wastage

I met this neglected and extremely money-poor family. I’d just finished a lavish lunch — with food wastage — and saw them outside the restaurant. They were estranged, messed up, hungry, etc. my heart cried and I opted to offer them something. I noticed that they were barefoot and so I bought the slippers.

On discussion, I came to know that they were farmers. Unfortunately, the situation of farmers in our country is very horrible. They wanted food.

भाई, हमें थोड़ा बचा-कूचा खाना दे दो |

They were asking for leftover food — those who grow food have nothing to eat. And, after that day I promised myself never-ever to waste food on my plate.

This is what I can do at least to respect the farmer’s dignity. God is everywhere and so it’s in food. I learned one of the biggest lessons of my life — never waste food.

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