Lizard the Wizard


Yesterday, I came to know the real me. There was a lizard in my home yesterday, and instead of treating it as a guest, we started to drive it away.

Within no time all the kindness, compassion left the heart. In split seconds, the love turned in disgust and I realized how incomplete I’m.

A little creature shook my whole world. It showed me the mirror and my true face, the face of an amateur seeker. A true seeker is a fearless being, is one who surrenders, one who renounces wrath, sloth, greed, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

There’s a long and fiery path of understanding, talking, and practicing compassion to all species. I’d this in mind but a corner. The only thing I knew was that I don’t have to kill her, no matter what. It was locked between the windows and was trying to find a way out. I was finding a way out.

I called the security guard to help me.

Together, we rumbled with the little lizard for an hour so. It ran here and there, we ran here and there. All the stuff in the room was displaced. We were shouting as we have spotted an ISIS terrorist. After almost an hour, I was almost prepared to kill it; simultaneously praying to the almighty that please help us to show her the way out.

Finally, after an hour, we completed our task. It was an OUT or KILL situation, but we managed to drive her out of the window; safely.

This incident has made me think of humanity left in myself.

How can such a small creature change my whole thinking process? I’ve seen this happen to many people. Is this our fear? Is this our ignorance and ill-education about the wildlife? Is this the poor upbringing that makes us alien and insensitive to other species? I remember my mother using species like dog, cockroach, rat, lizard to fear the hell out of me.

Today, when I look back, I think it shouldn’t have happened. This giving of adjectives creates such a bad impact on the child and when it grows, the child develops a constant fear and hatred for that species.

This isn’t good enough; especially when we are from the land of पंचतंत्र where non-human species are given high regards and often vehicle of the various forms of almighty.

Whatever happened, I’m glad that I wasn’t involved in the killing of a co-species that came to eat the moths in my home. The lizard, the little one, was a great teacher and a wizard to me.

I pray to almighty to give me a skill through which I can talk to other species, hear them, and help them.

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  1. Lizards are beautiful. I know from experience they are capable of loving their human companions. I am so happy you gained from the lizard encounter what you did, and the little sweet heart is alive because you chose to let it be. I much enjoyed this reading.

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