Life Lessons From a Cockroach

I love learning from non-human species too! My mind always finds inspiration, even when I ain’t looking for it.

I’m so grateful to cockroaches. They’re one of the best teachers in my life.

They’ve been around for millions of years, and still, stand strong. From far they seem to be busy, joyful, working hard with their ethics. They can live on the remains of a week old takeaway and not get sick.

So cool?!

They symbolize the ability to overcome hard times. They remind me to reconnect to my inner strength, courage, and authentic happiness.

Facts demonstrate that cockroaches are some of the most adaptable creatures on earth, which makes controlling and eradicating them all the more difficult. 

To me, cockroaches are the epitome of resilience and growth mindset.

We all have our breaking points. We all fall. So the next time you’ve got the feeling that you can’t handle life anymore, get inspired by one of the oldest creatures still existing on earth.

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