Karate Kid

There’re a lot of wonderful things happening around the world done by wonderful people. I also am honored to meet one such character. Gaurav Sharma is a young man in his late teens. He stays in one of the slums of Mumbai but he’s quite wealthy by heart. He’s a young change-maker who’s determined to change his present and future through hard work and passion.

He’s a trained karate kid and does you know where did he learn it? He learns it on a foot-over-bridge that is not used in is locality. All though, most of such bridges are unused in Mumbai, his mentor has chosen this place to mentor less fortunate and low-income children of the locality.

He goes to college and after that, he shared his time in a community-learning center built near his place. He also formed such a community-learning space and has pledged his time for the younger children so that they can get valuable education and skills.

He’s also learning photography and film-making through the internet and with the support of a few good friends. He’s always inquisitive and ready to be the change. He wishes to join the Indian Army when he grows up. He’s also preparing for it and if he doesn’t he wants to be a genuine journalist.

Such young men bring pride and glory to our nation. They’ve proved that nothing is impossible — even at a young age.

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