If You Want to See India, Switch Off Social Media and Travel

There’s something wrong with the world today, and I don’t know what it is. Social media has become the ultimate authority; more than our consciousness. People are ranting about everything without full information.

I think these people are a sadist and suddenly they have created a negative image of the world when the truth is something quite opposite; at least in India.

We’re a lovely country but some people try to project it as a badland. They have dirt in their eyes, and hence they see dirt everywhere. Not that bad things don’t happen here but not at the scale reflected on social media by ignorant people.

It’s all a reflection of what’s inside.

India is a tolerant and compassionate country.

It’s beautiful.

Although the above set of pictures from the internet offer a glimpse into the canvas of India, you’ve got to travel to actually experience it. No books or social media posts will do justice to the grace of this ancient landmass.


I took the above image in Delhi. It was Friday. It was the Hindu festival of colors and prayer time for Muslims. Both the occasions were celebrated with calmness.


I was on a no-money walking pilgrimage — for 20 days — in 2014. We’d to depend on the people to offer us food and shelter. You’ll be amazed to hear our stories. There was no single day where we didn’t food or shelter, and that too with the utmost compassion.

There was no money at all but a lot of love. That’s our ancient philosophy of GUEST IS GOD can you’ve got to experience it to believe it.


There is this auto-rickshaw driver in Ahmedabad who lives on a pay-what-you-want basis. His meter will always read zero and you can pay whatever you feel like. There’s also a restaurant in the same city that runs on the same concept.


There’re hundreds of example from my personal experiences — from rural to urban to tribal — that’ll take your breath away and I ain’t sure if you can get such loving-kind hospitality anywhere else in the world; because I haven’t traveled much outside India.


I request all of you reading this blog post to shun social media to learn about India and come here to see the magic by yourself. I think we might be the one of biggest example of unity in diversity on the planet.


It’s really incredible.

For those who haven’t visited this magical and loving land, I invite you personally to visit my country once before dying. If you’re inspired to visit India by reading this blog post, please visit us.

Be my guest. I’ll guide you in-depth.

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