In Conversation With — A Snooty Driver

This auto-rickshaw driver was quite frustrated when I sat in his vehicle. It as night time and I’m sure he must have had a challenging day. But, somehow we managed to have a striking conversation.

What’s wrong uncle? Why are you so frustrated tonight?

What should I tell you? Let it go.

No. Tell me.

Maybe, I can be of assistance.

This girl who just the auto-rickshaw was acting very smart.


She clicked the photographs of my auto-rickshaw at the start of the journey, and also asked me to show my driver’s license etc.

What’s wrong with that?

No one has ever done this to me before.

But uncle, this has nothing to do with you. It’s for her safety and security. Times are difficult and good to share your travel information with family or a friend. She must have done this to send information to someone at home or a friend.

Nonsense! These young girls have too much freedom nowadays.

But everyone has and must have the freedom to live life as per their wish.

I don’t know but too much freedom for women is bad. See the clothes they wear?

What happened to their clothes?

They wear such short clothes. She was wearing a mini skirt. No one in my home or family is allowed to do so.


I don’t like what’s going on nowadays.

But uncle, the world isn’t your home or family. There’re hundreds of countries. cultures, belief systems, and every one is different. This world is a unique place, and that’s the core of unity in diversity. Let’s not become moral police.

After the last line I spoke, we never talked for the entire journey. I don’t intend to change him immediately but maybe, he’ll give it a thought one day and respect freedom of expression; whether it’s language, clothes or whatever.

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