I Can Come Back Again

I might be or not be around,
but the world will remember me.
I’m not a date,
that can’t come back again.

Don’t keep in your eyes,
I’m expendable.
I’m not a tear,
that can’t come back again.

And, my love, call me.
Call me with love.
Whenever you wish.
I’m not a past,
that can’t come back again.

2 thoughts on “I Can Come Back Again

  1. I believe in Reincarnation! A hundred years goes by fast – and upon this death, we will meet with Jesus, and he will decide if we will move on to meet with God? I believe in the Trinity! I believe that some mature faster than others! It is not that complicated if you join a good Bible Study! I also am a published writer in that I write Biblical Poetry! Thank you!

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