I’m a Father of Many Digital Babies

Why do you blog?

This is a favorite question people ask me across the globe.

Why don’t you have children?

This is another favorite question people ask me across the globe; especially from India — my homeland.

Well, I don’t have any straight or complete answers to these questions but I can try to give you all a little perspective.

I write blog posts because that’s the best way I can express, explore and relax. Blogging makes me a better person. I write blog posts of people, and give them as a gift. This is a unique way of giving away eternal gifts.

I do have children but I don’t have human ones. All my blog posts are my babies, babies that will live forever; till the end of time. I want to create a progeny that will never die, will be immortal and digital blogging gives me this opportunity.

I’ll die, you’ll die but these digital babies won’t ‘ever; unless there’s some technical issue, WWIII, the judgment day or pralaya and the world comes to an end.

Got it?!

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