Her Handwriting Is the Eighth Wonder for Me

Good handwriting is a sign of healthy Mind.

Mahatma Gandhi

When I was in school, between 1985-1995, we had a strong emphasis on handwriting. There was no digital medium of writing, so it was purely with pencil, in primary school, and with an ink pen, in secondary school.

I was quite good at academics and had decent handwriting. The class teacher used to give an example of my handwriting to the class. As years passed, with the usage of computers, I lost the craft of writing with a pencil or pen. But, I was always on this ego trip that my handwriting is still the best and if not, others must also have forgotten the craft.

bhakti smiling

One fine day, this false ego of mine was shattered. I met Bhakti Patwardhan while working in this animation studio animation studio I keep talking about. She was a quiet, and sharp, woman working in the production department. We didn’t share many talks but I used to poke my nose, like always, in her business.

I’d always been pesky but this characteristic has given me lots of gifts in life — many friends and many-many stories.

So, one fine day I peeped into her notebook where she used to write daily notes about the status. That moment was the most silent and cold moment of my life — everything just froze. My false ego was shattered into a million pieces as I saw her handwriting.

OMG! It was so beautiful. Just exceptional.

Here one person in the organization had such beautiful handwriting and there I was in my la-la-land that no one writes well nowadays.

After ages, I saw someone who was so patient and still while writing notes. There were no cancellations or scribbles, everything was just right. I was like Gulliver who was huge in the land of Lilliput and was tiny in the land of Broddingnag.

bhakti with phone.jpg

I’ve seen the handwriting of many great people from history but this one in the modern age, the Kailyuga, is just God’s own. It has culture, story, love, compassion, kindness, gratitude and a poem that only few can understand. It’s mystic, esoteric and enigmatic and out of the world.

Whatever, it’s just one of the wonders of the world in today’s time — and definitely the eighth one for me.

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