He Gave Me A Boon — A Book

Rajiv Kessop and I used to work in the same animation studio I keep talking about. He was in the lighting department when I met him. He’s a very sharp, handsome and learned young man and I used to listen to all his stories because he read a lot of books.

I wasn’t reading a lot these days but one day he suggested me to read a book called Maximum City and this book changed my life forever. It’s the book that brought out the dormant reader in me. In college, I used to read a lot but then I stopped it completely due to nonsensical reasons.

His one suggestion was like a boon for me and after that, there was no stop. I read hundreds of books; including many fat ancient scriptures — just because of this one angel who came into my life.

People like Rajiv, come into your life secretly for a purpose. They’re kind, compassionate, and talented. He has also helped me a lot in some of my social causes. Hence, I suggest never take them for granted and take whatever you can from these reservoirs of knowledge and goodness.

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