Hasnabad Dargah: Mumbai’s Own Taj Mahal

hasnabad dargah

Known as Mumbai’s own Taj Mahal, the Hasnabad Dargah is a stunning structure of the blue and white stone. It houses the tomb of Shah Hasan Ali Shah and is Mumbai’s most beautiful mausoleum.

This architectural marvel is located in Mazagaon, one of the original seven islands of Mumbai. Set amidst dull warehouses and mechanic shops, this lesser known marvel is not popular among locals and tourists but is sure to take your breath away.

It’s open to members of a particular Muslim community. However, no one will stop you from appreciating the beauty and clicking pictures from the outside. It may be open for public soon but the matter is in disucssion.

In fact it’s one of the 42 underrated attractions of Mumbai that tourists or traveller often miss to see.

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