Her Tale of Struggle, Victory and Inspiration

I spoke to an old school friend a few days ago and was extremely touched and inspired by her story. She was a good friend in school and had tough times due to challenging life situations. She got married early and had to leave studies but was successful at the job she was in.

Life had planned something else for her. Although she was excellent at work, she wasn’t promoted because she had not completed her graduation. This left a deep scar in her heart. After marriage, she landed up in a conservative family that didn’t allow women to work. She was shattered but her husband silently supported her.

After the first child, she tried hard to convince the family but the result was negative. They wanted her to stay home and create another child instead. Life as good inside the golden cage as she was married into a wealthy family but the bird inside always wanted to fly. The second child came and slowly-slowly time ran — at snail’s speed.

Seven years later she got frustrated and raised her voice and stood up for her dream. This time her husband supported her in full throttle. The family had to listen to her and change the ancient tradition.

She was finally out of her cocoon, victoriously,  and visited the city to attend many academic courses and even completed her graduation. Not only that, but she did her double post-graduation and is now preparing for an advanced research degree in philosophy — while others are just watching her, silently.

Her story has taken my breath away, torn my heart into pieces. It gives me goose-bumps to imagine a young lady carrying such a huge mountain of desire, confinement, traditions, relationships at a tender age.

Her willpower and motivation is an example to all humans who succumb to life situations. She has taught me that failure isn’t when you lose, failure is when you don’t get up and try again.

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