A Letter To a Daughter

Dear daughter,

I’m glad that you’ve chosen a path you love. I’m NOT going to reprimand you for the job you quit or feel excited about the new path you’re walking, but I’m going to stay silent and l see it happen. I don’t want to give any adjective to your achievement or sacrifice — let time decide that. I’m glad about whatever you do, plan, speculate, or achieve.

The path you’ve chosen is a difficult one, and you know it much better than me. I don’t know what’s in store but if you don’t get any support from friends and relatives, share your gratitude to them and keep walking. If you ask for help from people and don’t get it, share your gratitude, and keep walking. Keep thanking people on your way because their negative response will be the ignition of your desire.

You exist because they do!

You may not get food for days, you may not get any sympathy but don’t stop, just keep walking in your direction. People might destroy what you’ve created but don’t worry, just keep walking.

People might insult you or pull you behind, let them do it, just keep walking. Maybe, I won’t be able to be of any support at the last moment, even then, just keep walking. Realize that it isn’t between them and you; it’s between you and your lovely path.

Keep walking, because when you run, your field of vision is small but when you walk, your field of vision is large. You’ll be able to see more, connect more, appreciate more when you walk, so keep walking. Don’t be afraid to be weak, don’t be proud to be strong, just listen to your heart — it’s on the left but is always right.

An if you’re tired, take a break but don’t stop. Don’t stop, keep walking. I maybe not around, the world may not be around, you may not be around but the fire you have burnt must go on until the end of time. It’s always said that behind every successful man there’s a woman and vice-versa but I feel that behind a successful woman, there’s only one person — her.

I’m glad that you’ve chosen a path you love. Don’t stop, keep walking.

With love,

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  1. Dale, I enjoyed your article. I, too, have spent the day thinking back to my 4th grade classroom with Mrs. Pepmeier sitting down with tears streaming down her face after our principal, Mr. Singleton, announced that President Kennedy had been shot…..

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