2020: The Year of Great Learning

2020 has put a lot of things into perspective, and also created an opportunity for alternative perspectives. It has shown true colors and true faces of humanity, government, system, processes, etc.

It has shown what great harm ignorance and one-sided perspective can do. On one side it has shown what mass hatred can create, and on the other side, it has proved what mass love and selfless service can do.

The challenge and problems have seeds that were sown ages ago. We’re unfortunate to reap them now. But we can turn this into an opportunity to sow new seeds that’ll reap better times, goodness.

I think, what we need is a holistic approach to perspective and expression. I’m not a domain expert but have little sense of understanding of what’s going on; outside and inside.

It’s time to build around the alternate perspective that we can notice. 2020 is a good time to change a lot; outside and inside. It’s a good time to stop following people, things, situations, events, habits, and create a holistic view of life. We need to look beyond what we can see. We need to build this. It’s difficult but possible.

Maybe it’s time to go back to ancient wisdom, learn, unlearn, and relearn basics of life as a whole, not as a part.

It’s time to be the change, be the hope you wish to see in the world.

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