Life After Death

Ali was in his late teens, when he lost his father, in a cross-border terrorist combat. His father held an important position in the border security force. He was a brave soldier and had an epitaph in a small cemetery in his hometown, which was a very small village. Every day someone or the other … Continue reading Life After Death

Language No Bar

Bhoomarlal Bhammarlal Johri was the bohemian of the village. He attended school, up to nobody knows what grade, but he was very interested in geography. He wasn't employed anywhere as such but earned some money by doing odd jobs. He was a very talkative person and very popular in his village, but he wasn't famous … Continue reading Language No Bar


It’s said that there is no better judge than our own conscience, but some people in this world still try to cheat others. At the end of it, they do not know whether they cheated the other person or cheated themselves. The silence of a person is often taken as his cowardice, but the conscience … Continue reading Hoodwinked

HIV Positive

College days bring back a lot of memories for one and all. Some make you laugh, some hurt and some are just like treading an emotional line. Irrespective of what they might bring out in you, they’re beautiful. So, when I received the invite for my college alumni meet, I could barely contain my excitement. … Continue reading HIV Positive