Social Association


When I had money, I gave money. I was out of money and gave my time. And when I was out of time, I gave myself to these social benefit organizations.

  • SOMEONE SOMEWHERE is a social benefit community. The endeavor is the duty towards social responsibility and giving something back to the society through unique concepts in education, rural development, sustainable living, compassionate communication, thanksgiving, and peace.
  • The Logical Indian focuses on bringing to its reader’s social issues and news of relevance that often miss the limelight in the traditional Indian media. With more than 6+ million on its Facebook page, the mission is to spread goodness using social media.
  • Moved By Love is an incubator of projects that facilitate Generosity. The projects are designed to shift our culture towards a greater sense of trust, connection, and community.
  • Service Space is an organization run entirely by volunteers. It leverages technology to encourage everyday people around the world to do small acts of service. The aim is to ignite the fundamental generosity in ourselves and others, creating both inner and outer transformation.
  • Logic Centre and Community Welfare Association is a community tuition classroom that serves the economically disadvantaged children of slums. It’s run by a retired professor from IIT and offers free education to all students.