She’s Not My Better Half, But Equal Half

This blog post is a special one. It’s on the energy and inspiration that made me create this blog in 2017.

Any guesses?

यह तो यारों सबको पता है,
वह तो मेरे दिल में रहता है |

If your answer is my wife, maybe you’re right to an extent but not exactly right. She’s more of a best friend than being my wife.


She’s Bindiya Kapoor. The light of my life.

तुझसे ही तो मैं रोशन हुआ हूँ,
पहली तो सिर्फ़ आग ही थी |

We know each other since 2002. We met while I was working in an animation studio, and we got introduced through a common friend. She came to me seeking guidance to enter the universe of computer graphics.

I remember the first day when I met her with her elder sister. My heart had fallen for her, and I haven’t picked it up since then.

We never shared a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but always were close friends. There was so much in common that we never felt apart.

ना तू मिली, ना मैं हुआ गुम,
कुछ अलग ही है हम-तुम |

I was in and out of relationships during my official youth but she’s the one who was always with me. Our hearts felt something soulful and decided to get married in 2010. The best or weird part is that we never proposed to each other as such — the feeling was mutual.

agastya weds bindiya.jpg

The pool-side marriage took place on March 21st, 2010 in Hotel Ramada near my home. It was a small function with 100 selected people from both sides. She’d made it clear that we use our savings for the function, and nothing should be taken from parents or friends.

I consider ourselves as soul-mates rather than husband-wife and that’s the reason we never see each other as better than each other. I feel that a relationship is true and powerful when both are equal; not better or otherwise — not even in a wordplay.


She’s quite evolved from the beginning and later inspired me to do a lot of stuff that ignited my evolution. It has only made me a better person than yesterday.

मेरे सवाल का यही एक हल था,
तुझसे पहले कुछ कम में कल था |

Apart from being a loving-kind person, she’s also an excellent cook and a host. The best part is that she never-ever entered the kitchen before marriage but when we shifted to our new home, she practiced the art and craft of cooking and she’s a master in my eyes.

I don’t think any words will do justice to describe her. Not even a lifetime.

I’ll always be indebted to her for igniting the spark in me to take the 4-year-long sabbatical that has helped me to become a better human in all areas of life.

bindiya in car.jpg

She’s fearless and has made me the same. I want to dedicate a small poem to her in this blog post:

कुछ तो कमी थी जीने में,
तूने मुझे मुक़म्मल बना दिया |
वैसे ही कुछ कैफ़ियात थी,
तूने और भी पागल बना दिया |

This blog post is an eternal tribute to my best friend, philosopher, and guide.

The best part is yet to come!

My blood group is AB+ and that’s the perfect example of the divine design of why we’re together; forever for many births to come.

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  1. How sweet and wonderful Agastya as well as Bindiya… you both are blessed to find each other… TOGETHER-DIVINE…

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