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Agastya, we lovingly call him Augy, is a unique person that you will remember all your life even if you meet him once. He is super creative and bedazzles you by his ability to induce inquisitiveness in any one who touches this noble soul. I have seen him grow from an Avid Artist, learner and now into a leader that wishes to impart his knowledge gathered in his journey. I wholeheartedly support him in his activities and recommend others to connect in best way they can, as I am sure they will enrich by doing do.
— Mukhtar Shaikh

Agastya Kapoor is a great compositer to work with. More than a coworker, he is great human being. His words and actions were in sync. I always feel that he have grand plans and visions. I am really proud that I worked with him once. I wish he achieves his dreams.
— Fobbin Tom

Agastya is a thought provoking individual. Passionate about life and a social change enthusiast. We worked together at Prana studios in Mumbai for three years. He led the compositing team of a dozen or more artists. Was involved in the development of the team as well Astheticaly sound, a clear communicator and genuine all rounder of a person. A great asset to any Company.
— Adarsh Abraham

It has been pleasure and blessing to know Agastya. You get what you see in case of this gem. No hidden agendas. Multi-talented, humanitarian, environmentalist, saint, social worker – you name it! He is jack of all trades and master of many. I would highly and happily recommend Agastya. He is creative, reliable and trust worthy.
— Divya Khanna

Agastya is a rainbow, with a myriad mix of abilities. Creative and compassionate, leader and learner, multimedia and happiness guru, he rocks whatever project he takes up. I wish him all the best for the future!
— Manjeet Khurana

Agastya, is an inspiration. His positive energy was a great help in my initiatives in designing my product ideas. He never say die attitude is a blessing for anyone who knows and worked with him.
— Vikas Kanchan

Idea evangelist, mentor, creative disruptor, mentor, friend, you name it, and he will don the hat effortlessly. Having worked with Agasyta, I believe that there is a great deal of learning involved. What differentiates him from the pack is that he is a people’s man. He would lead by inspiring you to take the front seat and steer the project. Working with him is exceptionally fun.
— Aditya UN

Agastya is a powerful creative mind” His thought process is way different & unique with deep meaning. I believe he is an asset to any company as he can only add lot of value and thoughts. It was always a pleasure working with him and more importantly a great mentor/ friend/guide. Wish you great success in every phase of life.
— Rima Shetty

I personally know Agastya for few years, he is a good friend and very enthusiastic person. We spend good times sharing thoughts and philosophy of poetry and songs and worked together in various projects. I must say that he is a true mentor, leader, motivator – he is the man. He also gave me a chance through his organisation to serve the children of Dharavi to learn them the basic of drawings…it was a great experience and fun. His creative mind always thinks good to do something for the society. Really appreciative and wish my friend all the very best for future.
— Anup Mitra

Agastya has practically explored all the three streams. Science Commerce and Arts. A great creative enthusiastic, Ground breaking CG Artist and a very humble Philanthropist. He is a very hard-working and straight forward person. Unbiased approach towards exploring things is his greatest Quest. A very nice humble and approachable person. That’s makes him a great socialists. He put things in simple and humorous way, That takes away the tension of senior juniour this that. Which makes a great working and socializing environment. Highly Recommended !
— Vihang Suryavanshi

I have personally known Agastya Kapoor for nearly more than 15 years and worked with him in various projects. Must admit when it comes to being a true Mentor, Leader, Motivator and an Artist he’s the best of the best. There were several instances when I have directly approached Agastya and requested his help to help us deliver our work, he would go all his way out to ensure that work gets delivered ahead of time with smile. He’s always there when one needs him. Wish Agastya the very best for his dreams 😇. He’s a true angel by heart and I would call him an ambassador of good will.
— Harsh Rao

One of the best in business. Very few individuals possess such skills and creativity. Has undertaken many social causes and addressed the issues with an open heart. Always ready to help those in need. Blogger, Artist, Creative Director, Mentor etc. These are a few adjectives to describe him. Above all, he is a good human being. All the best!!!
— Snigdha Sambit Aryakumar

I have seen him a curious, understable. In his tough times, Agastya is a good challenger  and good human being. I had closely engaged him on developement of graphics of animation sector and entertainment Industry. Agastya has a knowledge of corporate culture, creative projects and is very adventurous as well. Apart as a person, he is positive and friendly approach. I wish him best of luck in his all his endeavours.
— Sunil Sahu

A happy soul with a humble heart. His rich experiences and stories will make you wonder about life. Amazing knowledge he has about life and ways of life, his simplicity makes biggest impact on you. Love to have him around. He is one of the treat to the soul. Learn from his experiences and live a happy and fulfilling life.
— Prakash Bhatt

A great lead, mentor but the most importantly a great & kind human being.
— Sushant Anand

We need more Agastya Kapoors in our society. I know him for last 12 yrs and 5 months 🙂 .. he is not just a great person with a kind heart, or poet, he sees problem from a different perspective and always tries to remove it from its core. I wish Agastya all the very best!
— Pam Singh

Hello Agastya, I have learn so many things under Agastya, he is not only good Artist but as well good human being. Thank you Augi.
— Mangesh Ganesh Nevarekar

Agastya was the first senior compositor at Prana and carried a great deal of the burden in the early days. Apart from his zany sense of humor, work ethic and never-say-die spirit, his talent and artistic ability stood out and made him a crucial member of the senior team. We were frequently trying to achieve results beyond our known limits and he thrived in this scenario. I would unhesitatingly recommend him as a professional and as a human being.
— Jai Natrajan

I find Agastya to be a dedicated, hardworking person. He applies himself with vigour and energy when completing a project. I highly recommend Agastya. He will be a great contribution to any organisation.
— Marius van Straaten

Agastya is a very dedicated person. He values the learning process and the journey more than the output and the destination. He is an inspiration to fellow artists and has a lot to teach. It was an honour to work with you and would love to be associated with one of your amazing projects in future. Keep it up Agastya! Really proud of the great work you do.
— Bhavini A. Shah

I taught Agastya at the Wildlife Film Academy in South Africa several years ago. He is an extremely talented and creative filmmaker whom I have no hestitation in recommending for future work. His energy, enthusiasm, reliability, and sense of compassion, contribute to his many attributes.
— Tim Chevallier

Agastya comes out as a great human. Always wanting to reach out to others and help in all his capacity. Its not been very long knowing him but in this short span of time I have seen multiple strengths that he possess. His thinking capabilities do amuse me a lot of times as its always out of the box that he comes up with. Whether its serving the nation, society, people he never leaves a stone unturned. Its very fortunate to come across people like Agastya and work with them cause he does not only believe in his self growth but he takes everyone along on this path. Agastya God bless you for all the wonderful work that you do and always be the same. Best Wishes, Nainaz.
— Nainaz Tengra

I have know Agastya since our college days, from being one of the brats to a design maverick and now the holy thou. Agastya is walking this path that many like me chose to avoid, at least at this age. The social causes that he his passionate about and the way he tries to do his own bit is remarkable and touching. Wish him good for all his endeavors !!
— Rohan Vaswani