In the start everything seems impossible. Later, it becomes history.

I’ve made huge assets in my life and converted all of them into big dreams.

Big dreams attract bigger disappointments.

Why should I fear! If I gain nothing; I’ll gain experience.

When you realize and appreciate that you are nothing, fear disappears.

Most of them are getting rich by money. I am getting rich by dreams.

I donate my time. That’s the only thing I possess of my own.

There are as many ways of worship as there are grains of sands. Most of them only know only one way; I know many.

In life, you should learn when to switch on and when to switch off.

Everybody in life might betray you but your experience will never betray you.

Some days are like mother and some days are like step mother.

The best thing about Mumbai is that you can see everybody but nobody can see you.

From small lips come very big words, from a small brain comes very big dreams and from a small thought comes a very big revolution. Small is big.

Happiness is inside; don’t look for it outside.

If you never take a chance, you’ll never get a chance.

How can anybody have say that hey have no time when the creator has given it to everybody?

Life is fun, if you can have it.

Money can only buy things which are sold for money.

Life is becoming so easy now as I am getting to see the real colors of people around me.

I die, you die, life goes on.

Every night I close my eyes and the world is so much the same and everyday I open my eyes, the onion is a whole new place.

Charity is making me rich. More happiness, less fear.

God has give me an amazing talent called LIFE.

If you nothing, you’ll create everything. If you know everything, you’ll create nothing.

Life is fun and I am trying to keep it that way.

There’s nothing left to feel bad about; neither bad nor me.