Now You Know Y!

Shaman was a young, dynamic but confused man in his early 30s. He was an adventurous person, always looking out for variety, so much that he changed his name some years ago; for a change. His only problem was he could not be consistent.

That evening he had been waiting for his girlfriend. His room was dark, but a dim light cropped in from outside. There was a knock on the door. He knew it was his girlfriend, Ria. He opened the door and greeted her. She asked him why he had called her.

Shaman started to speak in a soft voice.

Ria, I know that all I have caused you is trouble and pain. I have never been honest and loyal to you. But, today I want to tell you why I got into a relationship with you in the first place. I only wanted to have a physical relation with you. That is the reason why I befriended you. I was very attracted towards you. I wanted you in my life anyhow, so I hoodwinked you.

I know that very well, Shaman. Your behavior clearly specifies this. You never wanted me as your life partner. You just wanted my body. that’s why you never met me outside and always called me to your home to meet you. Do you think I am so stupid not to understand this?

No but I love you very much.

Cut this shit out Shaman, I am not interested in you anymore. I need to go.

Ria, please listen to me.

She slapped him hard.

The room was still dark as she opened the door and left. Shaman was blasted and his spectacles had fallen down on the floor. He somehow found a matchstick and lit a candle on the table. The light was slowly killing away the darkness, while he found his spectacles and wore them.

The light showed up his face. He was all alone and deep in his thoughts. He looked up, showing agony, and all of a sudden, he put up a mysterious and mischievous smile on his face, sighed and said to himself.

What a bore!

He felt very tired and went off to sleep. In his dreams, a montage of all his previous 10 affairs ran across his mind, disturbing him all night long. All the allegations by his ex-girlfriend came one by one; like a cobra’s bite.

You are a flirt, you only wanted sex, you were never loyal to me, all men are the same—bastards. Go to hell.

All such abuses which his ex-girlfriends hurled at him hit him strong in his dreams. Frustrated by all this, Shaman decided to meet his psychologist friend Pria, the next morning. He immediately rushed off to her clinic in the morning. Luckily, he managed to get an immediate appointment. He knocked on the door and was welcomed by the doctor.

Good morning. How are you doctor?

I am happy and gay!

It was a weird answer but anyway, Shaman explained his problem that how he is never able to keep a relationship with any woman. He mentioned his 10 previous and how every time, in the end, he was left all alone. Pria understood the matter very well and started to explain him his problem.

You do everything so early that you don’t have anything new to share after few months. You spend your body, mind and money on her so soon that she knows your end and when two people know each other’s end, they are not interested in each other anymore, because there is nothing new to experience. This is your problem, Shaman. But that’s not only your problem; it’s a Y syndrome—a typical men behavior. You guys are hunters and that is the reason why you are always hunting for variety.

So, what do I do now, Pria?

Do something new this time.

Like what?

This time, when you are in a relation, do not be physical immediately. Give each other quality time, outside, not inside your house. This way there will always be something new every time you meet each other. Look at my relation, we share such a close relation but always give a space to each other. You can learn from my boyfriend.

Shaman agreed to all her advice, pledged to do the new thing from now on and left her clinic. As he walked out, his friend Prince called him. He cut the phone. After a while, his—female—friend Shona called and inquired about the evening program.

It was a Saturday night, so they agreed to meet at his house for the party, along with another male friend named Aka.

It was evening time, Aka and Shona dropped in for the weekend party. They had a gala time eating and drinking. It became very late and they decided to sleep. So, they closed the lights, cleaned up the table and got into the room.

The door was shut.

Shaman, where are the washroom lights?

Inside the wash room, dear.

The nights got young, the flesh was frail and the young bodies could not control the burning desire. They shared an erotic night and went off to sleep after a while.

The phone rang early morning. The caller was his old college friend, who just called up to say hello after many years.

What’s up with you Shaman?

Nothing much, was asleep, just got up.

Nice. Sleeping with whom, dude?

No man, just a friend.

LOL. You’ll never change bugger.

No man, I have changed a lot. I am not the same anymore.

He went towards the friend to wake him up again. Just then his friend—Aka—turned and wished him good morning.

How are you?

Happy and gay.

He suspiciously looked at him because these words were always mentioned by Pria and she even told to learn from her boyfriend. He learned that Aka was indeed her boyfriend.

The very next moment he got a call from Prince on his cell. It was his friend who called up earlier. He was a gay and wanted to share a relation with Shaman for a long time but Shaman ignored him but this time he picked up the phone.

He smiled mysteriously and walked away in another room, talking very intimately with his friend. He had accepted the new world he is in, where there are no expectations and commitments.

Variety is the spice of life.

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