Life After Death

Ali was in his late teens, when he lost his father, in a cross-border terrorist combat. His father held an important position in the border security force. He was a brave soldier and had an epitaph in a small cemetery in his hometown, which was a very small village. Every day someone or the other from the families of the martyrs would visit the cemetery to remember their beloved ones. An even did Ali.

Many years passed by but Ali never forgot to pay homage to his father. Every day he would visit the martyr’s grave and present his father with a rose, from his flower nursery. It was that day which was not like any other day for him. There was a notice in the cemetery about re-development of the land into a commercial space by a mega-builder from a nearby city. This notice was issued by the district collector. This surprised and shocked all the people in the small village but no one came forward to question this step.

The cemetery belonged to an isolated mosque in the outskirts of the village. No one knew the authorities because it had been there for a long time. The only known fact about the place was that most of the residents of the cemetery were the martyrs from the border security forces. Moreover, there was nothing in the village to boast about except this cemetery. It was the pride of the village which showed the patriotism of the villagers towards the nation. People were very annoyed but very reluctant to fight the notice but he stood up to investigate the notice of the district collector.

He discussed the matter with the village head, who encouraged him to meet the district collector. Ali found the address of the office of the collector and booked an appointment for the weekend. Simultaneously he jotted down the address of the builder to collect information about the notice. He had immense support from his community in the village. Next day, early morning, he visited his father’s grave to take his blessings.

Father, I will not let this holy land of martyrs become concrete jungle. Bless me father.

He kept the rose on his father’s chest and started off his journey to the unknown world of endless possibilities. He reached the district collector’s office well before time and after waiting for long hours, he did not get to meet him. The office boy suggested to him to come again the next day. It was almost late evening, so he decided to come the next day. While returning home, he recollected all the happenings in the day. He saw so many people coming to see the collector. Some had complaints, some had proposals, and some wanted to abuse him, so many people, so many problems and only one man to address the problems.

There are so many problems around, my problem is so small in front of them. Poor people don’t have enough to eat or live and I am fighting for the dead? But, no they are not dead people, they’re the pride of the nation. They fought for us when they were alive, now it’s my time to fight for them, for their souls to rest in peace.

The next day, Ali was in the collector’s office on time, but yet again he could not meet him because he was now out of town for an important meeting. He was extremely frustrated. He decided to share his feelings with the peon.

I had an appointment with the collector, but he fails to show up. Is this the way of his office?

It’s very difficult to meet a collector, mister.

Ali felt very dejected, but this did not stop him. he decided to meet the builder directly. He immediately took a bus to reach the builder’s office, which was on the outskirts of the village. He was very nervous and spent his entire journey in preparing a dialog with the builder. He had so many things to tell them. He really thought that they will understand his feelings and help him. He finally reached the office in evening. The receptionist immediately arranged a meeting with the builder.

The builder was a powerful and cunning businessman who was only interested in making money. Ali told him everything about their village and how the cemetery was the only pride of the village but all in vain. He was blasted by the builder. He warned him about using his power if anybody comes in the way of his business.

Ali was quite broke by these series of happenings. He really wanted to meet the district collector to report the matter, but he was unaware of the worst which was still to happen. After a few days of struggle, he finally was able to meet the collector. He explained everything. He cried for how he was treated by the builder and pleaded with him to show the path of justice. However, the collector explained the fact that none of the villagers had the legal papers of the land, on which the cemetery was built and how big business tycoons can buy everything to reach their dreams.

The collector suggested that Ali file a case against the builder and was ready to provide any help needed. He was a poor village man, aloof from all these legal matters. He immediately hired a lawyer, who took a huge amount of money as his fees. Ali was unaware of the quicksand into which he was pushed. It was the racket of the builder along with the collector and village head to finish all the resources of Ali so that he has nothing left to fight with; very silently. The lobby of these powers was a big one and Ali was a small pin in-between the swords.

Days and months passed by, but Ali still kept fighting like a soldier. But now as planned, all his resources were finished. He slowly could understand the game. His heart was broken but his hope was still searching a light. He had nothing left but only his father’s teaching—A SOLDIER NEVER QUITS TILL HE IS DEAD—and hope also came searching for him, with a twist in the story.

Ali’s fight was becoming quite a popular event in nearby villages. Soon a very famous news channel came to know about this saga and they immediately approached him. In a few days, he was getting quite popular and at the same time, a nuisance for the builder. The builder, very irritated by his popularity, decided to end the Ali-chapter forever. He burnt his own office, murdered an employee and got Ali arrested for the crime. He had bought each and every man in the chain who could help him finish Ali. After a few days, he planned an escape for Ali from the jail.

Ali thought that it was one of his friends who helped him, but he didn’t know that it was a trap. Later, the builder pressed the police to convict him as a frustrated notorious killer and issue a shoot at sight order.

He had understood the game very well by now, but his courage was at its highest flight. He knew that the cops were after him like mad dogs. He also knew that by now he had the support of many villagers for his fight. With all this in his mind, he went to his father’s grave. He cried a lot and asked upon the heavens to help. Just in time the police officer found him and shot him on his head as he was praying to the lord.

In the morning, Ali was finished but his fight had taken a big turn, unknown to the builder. The media was aroused by the common public and forced a law and order probe into the matter. Very soon the power of the public demolished the powerful lobby of the merchants of the society. The builder, the collector, the village head, the police inspector, the judge; everybody was found guilty and punished.

A new sun was born the other day on the land of the martyr. A new grave was the pride of the holy land. Ali was the chosen one to save their land. The soldiers sacrificed their lives to keep away death from the alive and he sacrificed himself to give them life after death.

Truth always wins but as nothing lasts forever, the builder was out of the jail very soon.

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