It’s Beautiful to Have Love as Your Name, Isn’t It Aroha?

One fortunate school friend who’s in New Zealand gave birth to a cute girl some days ago. But this is not what excited me to write this blog post but it’s what they named her and what is more exciting for me is the joy she’s going to feel by having such a name.

The friend named her Aroha which means love and affection in Māori language; the official language of the natives of New Zealand.

Aroha is a compound word, the parts include Aro, Ro, Hā, Oha.  These words give many layers of meaning offering a profound message of love and connection.

  • Aro is thought, life principle, paying attention, to focus on, to face, or front.
  • Ro is inner, within, introspection.
  •  is the life force, breath, energy.
  • Oha is generosity, prosperity, abundance, and wealth.

Love is a very special and meaningful word to each human being. Each human being has his or her thoughts about love to guide himself or herself to land safely and smoothly into the kingdom of love. Without this preconceived idea of love, people would be acting like a blind person searching for the light with thousand of obstacles in front of them.

Lovers run this world, the universe, the entire existence. Love was there when nothing was there and love will remain when nothing else will. Love is the beginning, love is the end, love is worship, love is the creator.

Our dear Aroha is so fortunate to have this as her name. She’ll be everywhere, the beginning, the end, the worship, the creator, and all of that.

Please bless us.

In these times of hate and intolerance, it’s so beautiful to have such a name. It’s like a flower with a sweet fragrance that spreads it everywhere. Aroha, I wish you good luck on this old and joyful planet because you’ve just come from heaven with vibrant and positive energy.


Whatever is the question, love is the answer.

This is quite one of the designers of my life and by going as per the quite, Aroha will answer all the questions; all of them.

BTW, she’s the youngest human I’ve written a blog post on.

I wish I’d this name.

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