Agastya Kapoor

The good in me bows to the good in you.
We are all one.

With this, I welcome you to me. In the real sense, I don’t know who am I and I think it’s got to do with who you are. I am a seeker and who am, I am the pursuit of my life. I exist because you do.

I am a part of so much—part computer graphic artist, part philanthropist, part teacher, part blogger, part happiness coach, part mad, part numismatist, part seeker, part lover, part traveler, part poet, part writer, part thinker, part explorer, part adventurer, part failure, part winner, part looser, part fool, part genius, part leader, part follower, etc. I am still exploring myself and, meanwhile, sowing seeds of love and happiness.

I am a maverick and fearless multipotentialite whose life is full of innovation, variety, and madness. I have international experience in multimedia, social media, visual communication, design thinking, innovative learning and social service sector. I have worked on award-winning multimedia projects and earned many honors for doing community service to bring social change; using multimedia, technology, and social media.

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