If You Are Looking For That One Act Of Kindness That Will Go Far, Read On!

Kindness is one of the seven virtues. It can be defined as the righteous and caring attitude towards other. But the definition of the kindness does not limit to these two words only. It’s a complex term to comprehend yet simplest to realize.

Showing kindness towards others gives a feeling of joy and mirth to the recipient. The doer is also satiated by the feeling of warmth and compassion. It’s the basic driving force of the nature. The nature is so kind to us that it helps in flourishing the civilizations.

Kindness is taught by every belief systems. And you know what? I am the one who needs a lot of your kindness at this moment.


I am a part of so much—part computer graphic artist, part philanthropist, part teacher, part blogger, part happiness coach, part mad, part numismatist, part seeker, part lover, part traveler, part poet, part writer, part thinker, part explorer, part adventurer, part failure, part winner, part looser, part fool, part genius, part leader, part follower, etc. I am still exploring myself and, meanwhile, sowing seeds of love and happiness.

I am on a new journey and strongly need to have friends from across the globe. I need to tell and hear stories. It will be fun to have different people to connect with me on my Facebook page.

I am reaching out to you connect with me and promise it will be a beautiful journey; together. Your act of kindness can bring me lot of goodness, exposure, happiness and the ripples will go far.

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