Although I’m a high-spirited creative soul, not all the ideas I put up are my original ideas. There’re times that I find an idea interesting and build my thoughts around it.

Then there’re times when I don’t have enough words to express my thoughts. These are the times when I seek help from different websites or my co-bloggers from different parts of the world.

If you find something on my blog that you think is objectionable or belong to you originally, please report it immediately and I’ll take it down. Any resemblance to similar content on the internet is purely incidental and unintentional.

It’s difficult to be 100% accurate or original all the time, and I apologize for it.

As far as my mental wellness coaching or social service is concerned, I’m not an expert. I’m NOT a social worker, activist, psychologist, or therapist, so I don’t do it as a profession. It’s a part of my inner journey and a part of my philanthropic endeavors. It’s my little contribution to the world to serve my fellow species.

Life as a creative professional, coach, and social change-maker is difficult. I do a lot of multitasking in different areas of life. Please be compassionate, and feel free to communicate with me.

I’m always open to honest and constructive criticism. Please choose to belief or disbelief, agree or disagree with my thoughts at your discretion.