True love never has a happy ending, because true love never ends.

August believed the above quote to the core. He was very soft-spoken and sensitive. He was a jolly person but had a scar in his heart due to a break up he had gone through when in college. Years had passed, but the fragrance of first love never escaped him. He wanted to have a companion again, so his friend advised him to make friends through the internet. The internet was a very new revolution in the country, so the young were hooked on to it.

He too joined the bandwagon.

He opened accounts in a couple of chat interfaces and used to chat every day, all in vain. He was discouraged and was about to give up when one fine day he met a young girl on the internet. Her name was Cathy.

Cathy was from a distant city and was studying in junior college. She was one of the regular visitors on the chat website. They started chatting every day. At first, she was a little hesitant to share her telephone number but eventually, she developed immense trust in August. They had long conversations. She felt very awkward as he used to call her every day through the distant calling services and she could never call him up.

August, why you spend so much money on me? Your money is precious.

Do you feel happy about it, Cathy?

The answer of a question is not a question.

Dear friend, your smile is more precious for me than money.

These words won Cathy’s heart. She was very lonely since childhood. She didn’t have good friends. Her only good friend was her dog. She used to talk to him about everything.

As days passed, she had developed a very intimate feeling for him. She decided to propose to him. She did not know the meaning of love but saw all her friends in such a relation. Her mind was a drunken monkey chased by a leopard. She just wanted him in her life. When he called her the next day, she could not hold herself and proposed to him.

August, I’m in love with you. Will you give me your heart?

I have given you my heart, but broken things are not beautiful, Cathy.

He told her about his first love, but Cathy’s ear was just waiting to hear an acceptance from his voice. They accepted each other and decided to meet. They met soon in her city. August visited his love for the first time in a hotel near her college. Her deep blue eyes met his eye gracefully. He took her tight in his arms. They were lost in their own world.

A world of desires. A new rainbow was born in both hearts. Suddenly, the world was a new place. They made promises to each other and sang songs.

Cathy, promise me that you will never leave me.

I have no logical reason to leave you, my love.

As time went by their meetings became frequent. August used to fly to her every week. They were madly in love with each other. He took her to all the places she always dreamed of and gifted all that she wanted. Every year he celebrated her birthday in a 5-star hotel nearby. The whole city knew about their love by now.

He loved her so much; so much that she started to take him for granted. The distant lover, however, continued to fulfill all her desires and greed.

They went along very well for four years.

Cathy was a cunning and greedy young woman by now. August had to go out of the country for a year. He never knew that this one year would change his life forever. The distance between them was like the sum of seven seas and this distracted the drunken monkey. She had developed a different relationship with another friend, who was at her college. Moreover, she was in touch with this new man every day.

He took Cathy away from August very soon.

When August returned after a year, he noticed a drastic change in her. He noticed that the eyes of his beloved were the same but the sight was very different. She explained all that had happened during the year and added that she was not interested in continuing their relationship anymore. He cried on his knees to stop her from going away, but she neither hold him nor did she look at him.

Then there was the same old conversation full of guilt, pointing fingers, repent, tears, anger, and false judgment. He asked her whether in this game of love she played, was the only who has lost. She left on a very bad note. She told him that she was a child when she started off but now she has grown up to realize that her goals are different.

August was robbed.

He was broken into many pieces. He tried to convince her many times, but all in vain. He wished that she would learn a lesson.

Cathy left with her new love for another country. The new lover was a cunning man and just used her for his selfish motives. She never realized this. They carried on together for a long time. But she did not experience the same affection as she felt for August.

Slowly, she realized the ulterior motives of her new lover and repented for what she had done. She constantly thought of August; her first love.

On the other side, August always wished for Cathy to comeback. He dreamed that she would open her arms and call her back.

One day Cathy realized that her new lover played the same trick on her as she did in August. Her eyes opened that day. She realized her mistake. She was very scared. She rushed to contact her first love again, but with what face?

With a very repent full heart, she wrote him an email:

My long-lost love. I do not know with what I am saying this to you. I made a big mistake in my life by betraying you. I am incomplete without you. After you, I realized your love. I lost you, my love. Mother nature has taken her revenge. I have got my comeuppance. He did the same thing to me what I did to you. I need you. Please call me.

August had not forgotten her for even a second. He was thrilled to know that his love is back. He rushed to meet her. They both met other as the desert meets the rain. They decided to marry soon. The world was a better place to live now. They had reached their final destination. The marriage was to happen soon. Their love had won. They proved the world that true love never dies.

The day had arrived. In the church, all the guests were waiting for the couple to become one forever. In the dressing room, she was surprised why the groom is late for the marriage. She looked for her but there was no sign of him or his family. In another minute, she got a letter in August.

The church bell rang thrice loudly as she read THIS IS YOUR REAL COMEUPPANCE.

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