Riot Mania


Feel the pain, feel the bad sight.
Feel the darkness, feel the plight.
And I say to you, all the animals.
Yeah, I am right, I am right
I love riot, I love riot!

Let the devil reveal, let there be light.
Let there be nightmare in your night.
See the world today terminating peace.
How can the devil be at ease?
Death and life are becoming numb.
See the planet getting numb.
What will be there to fight?
Yeah, I am right, I am right
I love riot, I love riot!

Dare if you can, give me sight to sight.
Don’t play with mother death, it’s not right.
The sands will rise, the heavens will part.
Your babe will become a bitch,
you’ll have a knife in your heart.
I will slice you up, dig you tight.
Yeah, I am right, I am right
I love riot, I love riot!

The End


Things aren’t right in their minds.
There’s dirt in mankind.
Who the riches, who are filthy animals,
are turning into horny cannibals.
They’re screwing the world behind.
Yeah, there’s dirt in mankind.

Round and round our life stinks.
Death pains like a bee sting.
Rip them off and slice them away.
This is nobody’s world anyway!
Be a tyrant but never be kind.
Yeah, there’s dirt in mankind.

Love and love till you die,
but what you get is only cry!
Love—only worth its name,
has turned into a bloody game.
Do all the bad, the devil won’t mind.
Yeah, there’s dirt in mankind.

Rave Hell


I am raving, I am raving !
I am raving at the top of my voice.
I have no choice,
I have to take your life.

Take the last look at yourself.
The devil of sin, that’s myself.
The roads of sin don’t have spice.
Protect yours, I am a robber of wife.
It’s not love but lust which I am craving.
I am raving, I am raving !

When inferno pours, mankind sinks.
Stay away from me, my brain stinks.
The lull of night glows my mind.
I am the tyrant, never can be kind.
The naked stars are what we are staring.
I am raving, I am raving !
I am raving at the top of my voice.
Godspeed, I have no choice.


You’re Still A Human


Are you sad?
Are you in trouble?
Are you shameful?

Do you fear?
Does your head pain?
Do you feel sorry?

Are you in love?
Are you in love with things?
Are you disconnected?

Do you feel sleepless?
Do the old memories hit you?
Do you worry?

Are you ill?
Are you old?
Are you dead?
Do you have an enemy?
Are you poor?
Are you angry?
Are you lost?
Are you anxious?
Do you hate?
Do you have no time at all?
Are you missing something?

Does the heart cry?
Did you lose someone?
Does this happen?

You’re alive.
You’re still a human.




Ringa-ringa roses.
Pocket full of dozes.
All kind of narcotics,
Take them all if you want to get high.
There will be no one to hear your sigh.

Feel less pain—take COCAINE.
Afraid of Mr.D—have LSD.
Know the knack—sniff SMACK.
Become top brass—smoke GRASS.
Avoid anthrax—get high on MANDRAX.
Be devilish—consume HASHISH.
Love your sugar—BROWN SUAGAR!

Ringa-ringa roses
Pocket full of dozes.
1 doze, 2 doze and we all fall down!

Demon Everywhere


Demon demon, everywhere.
Up and down, here and there.
Your sins will take you down,
the hell stairs.
You better beware of the devil’s glare.

The night is sick,
you better be at home.
Don’t look back,
you may not be alone.
Bless be thy who spare my bones.
Dead be the man,
who plays with the stones.

Ripping the enemies blood,
who can make a pool?
The one with claws of steel,
is the one who can rule.
Life is a jungle,
we’re living in a zoo.
No place in hell,
there’s a long queue.
Demon demon, everywhere.
Up and down, here and there.