Aditya Birla On Need For More Executives

While we have no dearth of entrepreneurs, we have to develop further on managerial cadres. We have excellent managerial talent, but it's not available in the numbers that are required. This is an area where we have to concentrate and work on. We have seen times without number that enterprising Indians have put up industries, … Continue reading Aditya Birla On Need For More Executives

Aditya Birla On Entrepreneurship

Indian industry has come of age. This has been possible because of its entrepreneurs. I have the experience of working in eight countries and I find that as far as entrepreneurship goes, we Indians are second to none—in number or in quality. This is something that India can really be proud of. However, we have … Continue reading Aditya Birla On Entrepreneurship

Aditya Birla On Management: Art Or Science?

I have often been asked whether management is a science or an art. I do not know what the textbooks say. My own perception is that at the basic roots, management is a science. If one is inducted as an accounts assistant, one doesn't have to practice an art. He has to follow a science. … Continue reading Aditya Birla On Management: Art Or Science?

Aditya Birla On Project Management

For any enterprise, the foundation should be solid. For this, when putting up projects, three very important areas need to be fully taken care of: firstly, to adopt the best know-how that is available in the world; secondly, buy the best equipment. Do not compromise on the quality of the equipment for marginal extra costs. … Continue reading Aditya Birla On Project Management

Aditya Birla On Quality

Quality is extremely important in the competitive environment of a shrinking world. Myopic managers not conscious of quality will lose in a world without frontiers. If you are quality conscious, you actually cut down on your cost of production and marketing. The notion that to maintain your quality, your costs go up is totally wrong. … Continue reading Aditya Birla On Quality

Aditya Birla On Productivity: Machines

In the productivity of machines, I have found that there is always room for improvement. What is lacking is the will, the vision and the commitment to exploit the machines to get the best out of them. We build most of the times our own mental barriers, which are the most difficult to overcome, then … Continue reading Aditya Birla On Productivity: Machines

Aditya Birla On Productivity: Men

Constant efforts have to be put in for improving the productivity of men and machines, all the time. We have to improve on our existing systems, however good they may be. The norms that are excellent today will become outdated tomorrow. What seems un-achievable today, becomes a matter of fact tomorrow and the day after … Continue reading Aditya Birla On Productivity: Men

Aditya Birla On Innovation

Innovation is both challenging and rewarding and essential for excellence in management. I have learned that a corporation has to face new challenges all the time. We have to keep changing strategies, goals, and our approach to meet the changing scenario constantly. For instance, environment and ecology were unknown words till a decade back. Today, … Continue reading Aditya Birla On Innovation

Aditya Birla On Leadership

Good leadership is one of the very important factors for success. Gone are the days, when the boss was automatically the leader, and the cardinal rules while dealing with the boss were: Rule No. 1—The Boss is always right and Rule No. 2—If the Boss is wrong, refer to Rule No. 1! I have found … Continue reading Aditya Birla On Leadership