A Year-End Letter to 2019


2019 is fabulous! I learned and got trained to become a mental wellness coach. This has always been on my mind since a teenager and at 40, I realized my wish.

Looking back at my life, I’ve manifested almost everything I wished for. The universe helped me equally. If I didn’t get something, I’m sure it wasn’t meant for me on this journey on planet earth.

2019 also brought deep learning related to dharma i.e. spirituality. Although I wasn’t into religion from childhood, spirituality is helping me look at my self and the universe with a different perspective; with equanimity. It has helped me reached where religion can’t even think of.

All in all, 2019 is something I was always looking for. I feel I’m blessed and a truly happy, loving-kind human in making.

Today, I also want to take this opportunity to THANK each one of you who has contributed, directly or indirectly, to my holistic growth.

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