Here’s How to Get WhatsApp Stickers on Your Android Phone

whatsapp stickers

WhatsApp Stickers is the latest feature from the Facebook-owned app and while it has been an instant hit among Android and iOS users, the stickers allow users to send special stickers within their chats in order to express themselves in a better way.

I’ve got an Android phone so in this blog post, I’ll share the steps to get the sticker feature in Android device. Although some users have got the feature enabled automatically, some might have to do it manually.


  • WhatsApp users can now create their own custom sticker packs and send them to friends and family. This feature has become popular quickly.
  • WhatsApp has introduced a sticker category option which allows users to search for a sticker from a specific category.
  • Android users will be able to use the feature simply by tapping on the keyboard and selecting the sticker of their choice from the sticker pack from the WhatsApp store.

The problem with the Android update

For some users, the stickers got automatically enables with a new update but in my case, there was no update for WhatsApp on the Google Play. It told me that I’d an updated version but I wasn’t getting the sticker feature. If this is the case, you have to download the APK manually and update WhatsApp.

How to use and share WhatsApp stickers with your contacts

Follow these images in a series steps and you’ll have the wonderful world of WhatsApp stickers in no time. Look out for the red box on some images to get a cue.



WhatsApp was launched as a basic instant messaging app with an aim to let people connect with each other, however, the Facebook-owned app has come a long way as it has become the most popular messaging app in the world with a host of other features.

The latest WhatsApp feature to be made available for Android and iPhones users are the Whatsapp stickers, which are said to improve the overall user experience. A detailed guide on using stickers is provided on the WhatsApp page.

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