The Man With a Lost Origin

man with a lost origin

In India, there’s a typical tradition to ask people about their place of origin when we meet.

Where’s your native place?

Everyone has an origin within the country but I’m an odd one out. I don’t have an origin in India; all the past glory is lost. Sometimes, I feel like no man’s land.

My ancestors were born in Chiniot which is now in Pakistan after the great f***ing partition of India in 1947. After the partition, my father migrated from Lahore to Delhi and eventually Mumbai.

I was born and brought up in Mumbai but don’t have a native place, at least here in India.

2 thoughts on “The Man With a Lost Origin

  1. I was unaware the origin question was common upon greetings in India. “Home is where you lay your head (or where you hang your hat).” I have heard these a number of times. It isn’t always true. Sometimes our place of residency does not feel homey. No matter the beauty around me, I feel like a misfit in most places. Maybe home is in the head 🙂


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