Balance Is the Key to a Successful Life

balance is the key

Too much of everything is never enough. No one can be labeled as good or bad as the virtues and vices are equally embedded in a person.

Depending on how the virtues are nourished and demonstrated, a person is perceived as good or bad. Balance is the key!

What’s bad?

This a conversation that the Buddha had with one of his disciples.

There’s a limit to which one can develop the virtues. Once the limit is crossed, all virtues become bad. Vices are anyways bad, excessive, or not. 

Anything in excess is bad. If we eat too much, we get a stomach ache and digestive problems. Too much sleep makes us lazy and excess of money steals our peace. The irony is despite knowing that, many of us want more and more.

A recent post by Yoga master and my friend Prakash Bhatt inspired me to write this blog post. He emphasized the balance part. I remember this song when we talk about having too much!

Life is a balance of so many combinations — between freedom and responsibility, between living in the moment and planning for future, between indulgence and self-restraint, between love and hate, wealth, and poverty,  full and empty, attachment and renunciation, and there might be so many more combinations.

Only with a good balance, we can lead a healthy and happy life. Find balance, trust the process, accept the ups and downs, and use them as an advantage to change the game.

Yoga can help find you the balance.

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