Family Isn’t Defined By Blood Or Genetics

I don’t know how does it work abroad but in India family and blood relation plays an important role in daily life.

People are crazy about it!

Parents have expectation from their children because they’re their own blood. Children also help blood relatives more. As a common practice, if you ask for some help for a friend or a stranger, the first thing people inquire is that whether you’re a family—related to that person by blood, or is he or she a blood relative.

This is shameful.

I think everyone should help everyone in spite of any blood relation or any relation to that matter. Blood means nothing in the time of need.

Similar stuff happens when you ask people about adoption. Many childless parents wait for years, do hundreds of test, go to places of worship, ask for divine intervention, but don’t go for adoption. When asked they cancel the question with the concept of blood and genetics. I know some parents who are trying for a decade but are not successful in having children. They’re sad and frustrated, and have spent a lot of money on all types of treatments, tips, and tricks but won’t adopt a child.

The reason people want to have a child is that you are longing for a very deep sense of involvement with life. Your involvement with your husband or wife comes down after a while, so you want something new and you think a child would be good. What you actually want to experience is a deep sense of involvement with another life. But this involvement need not necessarily be inspired by biological oneness. This can be brought forth by your own awareness and intelligence.

Suppose when a woman delivers a child, they actually gave someone else’s child to her, she will still experience everything that she has to experience with that child. Emotional and psychological closeness can be the basis of oneness that a human being experiences. What does it matter whether the child has come out of you or out of someone else? It’s how deeply you accept and include this person as a part of yourself which gives you that experience. It’s more psychology than biology.

The above lines are taken from an interesting article Is Childlessness A Bad Omen Or A Blessing? where Sadhguru discusses an important topic to give us a different perspective.

If a family was about blood, you wouldn’t see so many parents abandoned by their children and kept in old age homes. If it was about genetics, you wouldn’t have so many celebrity children not as successful as their star parents.

I believe that family isn’t about blood or genetics but rather about who is willing to hold your hand when you need it the most. This person can be a parent, sibling, friend or even a stranger.

Thank you very much!

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