A Digital Platform For Mental Health And Wellness

It’s estimated that one in four or five of us will experience some mental health problems in our lifetime. Mental health disorders are among the main causes of disease and disability in the world.

Although treatments are available for many mental health problems, almost two-thirds of sufferers never seek help from a health professional. In many cases, this is the result of a lack of economic means, and in others, it’s a reflection of the stigma frequently associated with mental illness.

Keeping this in mind, I and my wife have started a digital platform to address this global, ever increasing issue. The platform is called Let Us SHIFT and it’s all across social media by the same name. You can visit Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to see the content and get the updates. Here are some of the videos from the YT channel:

This platform is about taking precautionary measures—through creative content—in mental health and well-being that will help you become happier, more balanced, peaceful and less stressed or depressed.

It’s a space to come and be uplifted!

Be the person you want to be. We all need the courage to shift and be a better human to ourselves and others.


Thank you very much!

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