3 Legends Who Changed the World Using Technology and Storytelling

These three are one of my favorite innovators of all time. They did something that no one did before. From screen left, you can see Edwin Catmull, Steve Jobs and John Lasseter in one frame—an epic.

These three are the pioneers of 3D animation in the world. Together, they used computer technology to create stories that have taken away heats of billions across the globe. For the first time, the world saw a fully animated 3D feature film Toy Story that was because of these wise men.

In a world where animated film-making or cartoon film-making is still looked upon in countries like India, these men created history with their vision and imagination; way back in the 1980s.

Do you know the best part?

I was fortunate to meet Edwin when he visited our animation studio in 2007. He’s such a humble man. But I regret not taking his autograph that day.

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