Aditya Birla On Management: Art Or Science?

I have often been asked whether management is a science or an art. I do not know what the textbooks say. My own perception is that at the basic roots, management is a science. If one is inducted as an accounts assistant, one doesn’t have to practice an art. He has to follow a science. The science of the double entry book-keeping. But, as you climb up the ladder you move into a realm where the science gradually turns into an art, where there are no clearly defined action plans or basic theories.

There is no set method of taking a decision. Sometimes, the intuitive faculty takes precedence over the analytical mind. At the top, one of the foremost things is to deal with people. How do you deal with people? This is not a science. Each person had to be dealt with in a different manner. It is an art. You have to develop your own art of dealing with each situation. This art is something which is peculiar to each individual, and one has to develop his own trait.

Thank you very much!

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