Aditya Birla On Quality

Quality is extremely important in the competitive environment of a shrinking world. Myopic managers not conscious of quality will lose in a world without frontiers.

If you are quality conscious, you actually cut down on your cost of production and marketing. The notion that to maintain your quality, your costs go up is totally wrong. The natural question that arises is, how do your costs go down if your emphasis is on quality.

The answer is:

  • the wear and tear of your machines comes down
  • machine productivity improves
  • you save on costs of maintenance
  • you achieve higher productivity of labour
  • you get a better realisation for your product
  • there are no claims from customers
  • selling to the best customers whose credit rating is good, results in reduction of bad debts

All in all, the cost savings are incalculable because of quality. Therefore, I would strongly advocate that any and every enterprise must keep quality as its foremost goal.

While quality costs, poor quality costs more. Dr J.M. Juran

Thank you very much!

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